One of the exciting new additions to Social Networking Media lovers is Google Plus. Google +, is a promising social networking tool with excellent and user friendly Apps. It presents a cool way to share your photos, videos and chat with your friends and segmenting your friends into various groups.

Let us now view the advantages of this exceptional new social media. Google Plus enables you to share data with specific friends, making it more personal. Also Google plus offers innovations in navigating in a unique way from other Google products to Google plus. Another noteworthy feature with Google + is easy download facility from other online medias.

Now let us see these special features of Google Plus in a bit more detail

  1. 1.       Sharing Data with specific friends

Google Plus presents a special feature called Circles, where you can segment your friends based on their interests. Thus you can send data like photos and videos to your friends relevant to their specific interest instead of “share with everyone” presented by Facebook and Twitter.

  1. 2.       Advanced Navigation Tabs

Google + has enabled another data access advantage to its users. Almost all Google products will feature a Google + tab at the top. Thus you will be updated with Google plus happenings in whichever Google service you are using. For example, while you are using Gmail, you will be alerted with Google Plus updates whenever there is one.

  1. 3.       Innovative Data Liberation

Google Plus has one more surprise to the social media users. Google + enables data download from variety of online event and data sharing websites such as Picasa Web Albums, Google profile, Google+ stream, Buzz and contacts.

With all the above user targeted features, Google Plus is undoubtedly going to be one of the most preferred social networking tools among net savvy users. It may even challenge the current social networking leaders with this unique and inimitable features and applications.

Google Plus – The Fascinating New Social Networking Tool

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