Prayer – The divine sword to win in the war of life!

While strolling through the sand of the beach in a calm mood of deep thoughts about the result of an interview for my dream job, there was no other flow of thoughts other than this confined expectation. The result was pending for a quite long period giving a suspicion for rejection which effected in great tension for me with low profile and a declined level of confidence. Peace of mind was absolutely nil for the period. The dependency for the job to execute the stored responsibilities and duties for the family and my dreams of career pushed me to the extent of life!

My stress had compressed me to forget my prayers even for asking the help from God. At that moment, a sudden lightening came with a brightest spark so ever. That spark was the alarm of God to me for remembering his presence. I felt a spin in my heart for the mistake done by me.

Just for a few moments, I devoted my sincere prayers of request to God for his help and blessings. It was unbelievable that within a few minutes, I got the call from the employer delivering the message of appointment for the job. Yes, this is the power of praying God for help! And God is always ready to help us at any moment to accept our sincere prayers…

Prayer is the divine communication between the creator and the creation!”

For instance, when we suffer a pain in heart, immediately we tend to call a doctor and not an engineer; when there is trouble in a vehicle, we call a mechanic and not a lawyer to get it repaired.

Why is it so?

Because we are confident that only the treatment of a Doctor can heal us, not an engineer. Here the Doctor is believed to be the God for the timely help at the right moment, to save the life.

We do call God for help in all aspects of life right from birth till the death. He is ready to render his blessings and help us in all means. His help will be in many forms of life like a person, product, or service and so on…

Mother is also a form of God for children. Children will gain all benefits of life to sparkle with success through the unlimited sacrificing service of the mother. Yes, the God is delivering the same for all of us too.

Power of Prayer

How can we acquire the help of God? It is only through the power of our “Prayer.”

There are four factors which determine the power of our prayer. They are the qualities of our

  • Faith
  • Humility
  • Awareness
  • Intention

Establish the two-way channel in your life!

The two-way channel between you and the divine will deliver your aspects of hope and gratitude through prayers to God which gets reflected as the grace of the Almighty. This gains you with the energetic attitude of refined positivity in us to become a wealthy soul.

Way for Successful Life of Happiness

Complete wellbeing is enjoyed only when happiness, confidence and a positive outlook about life enrich your thoughts.

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