Tata Pixel – Tata’s New City Car for Europe

Tata motors have unveiled the all new Tata Pixel, a car for the urban markets which the automaker hopes to conquer the European market. This was exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show. The Pixel, which is based on the revolutionary Nano, is a four seater and is just a little over three meters long. People can slip inside the car by way of huge gull-wing doors.

The Pixel is expected to offer maximum amount of space, features the My Tata Connect infotainment system that can be controlled with a smart phone. The specifications of the Pixel include a 1.2-litre turbo diesel engine and low rolling resistance tires. It features start/stop technology. With all these elements combined the car burns an estimated 3.4 L / 100 km and emits only 89 g of CO2 per km.
This model is equipped with a fairly complex-sounding system, the Turn Toroidal Traction-Drive Infinitely Variable Transmission, or IVT for short. It permits the rear wheels to pivot in diverse directions, serving the driver to settle tight spaces and Parallel Park at the drop of a hat.
Tata Pixel: The Efficient Four-Seater

The Tata Pixel is perceived as a traditional concept car. The company is going to launch the European version of the Nano next year. What with the scissor doors and fancy infotainment system inside the Pixel, it already seems a world away from the Indian version of the Nano.

Tata Motors have said they planned to present the pint-size Nano micro car to Europe at the initial stage. But Tata seems to have shifted gears, with a sexier city-car concept based on the Nano, called Tata Pixel.

Tata claims the Pixel, which measures just 10 feet long, is “the most package-efficient four-seater in the world.” It’s also one of the most fuel-efficient, with a tiny, rear-mounted 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo diesel engine that provides fuel economy of nearly 70 mpg, plus ultra-low CO2 emissions.

Attractive features such as scissors-style doors and a compact turning radius of only 8.5 feet should appeal to urban dwellers trying to maneuver in tight spaces. There’s even a provision to accommodate an iPad or other tablet that turns your device into a customizable touch screen display for infotainment and vehicle functions.

Tata Pixel – Concept Car of Tata | Tata Pixel Price, Features, Images

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