World Forestry Day 2019, March 21st – Preserve Forest

World Forestry Day falls on 21st March. It is celebrated annually to grow awareness to conserve our forest. The idea to celebrate this day was originated in the General Assembly of the European Confederation of Agriculture in 1971 as the forest was being reduced because of the extensive destruction.

The world forestry day is an alarm to conserve the forest for a green tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to understand the need of World Forestry Day which falls on March 21st 2019.Protecting the nature and its resources is one of the most rewarding contributions that we can do to the Mother Earth. Here are some of the ways of contributing our share for protecting the earth plane.

Plant a tree:

There are many things that we can do together to save the planet Earth and to prevent ruthless cutting of trees. On 2019 World Forestry Day, make sure that you plant at least one tree. Collective participation of the people in this event will highly contribute to maintain the ecological balance.

Use cloth bags and reduce the use of plastics:

Cloth bags are eco-friendly. These can be used for shopping your groceries and other domestic items.

Organic garden:

Setting up an organic garden not only provides organic vegetables but also minimizes the expenses towards it. It would be a better initiative from your side on this World Forestry Day.

Compost Plant:

The kitchen waste and scraps can be dumped in a compost bin. This will ensure a good source of energy for domestic use.

Use of Energy efficient electrical appliances:

Think and check before you buy domestic equipment. Make sure that it conserves energy.

The Significance of World Forestry Day

The central idea of World Forestry Day is to:

  • Preserve trees
  • Protect nature
  • Co-operate with the environment
  • Save the earth from global warming
  • Safeguard our planet from climate changes

Deforestation is a problem which is severely affecting our planet earth. It is our duty to defend the negative practices that makes the habitat, a hell. So it is vital to be aware of the necessity of existence of jungles and the importance of World Forestry Day.

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