World TB day is celebrated on March 24th every year. This day commemorates the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) by Dr. Robert Koch in 1882. This day is an opportunity to correspond about TB- associated problems and solutions and to support worldwide TB-control efforts. It throws light on the need of committed efforts to eliminating TB from the world.

The theme for World TB Day 2011 in the United States was “TB elimination: Together We Can!” It identifies the goal of TB elimination by working together. The world’s progress of controlling TB will only be sustainable with a united endeavor.

How you can contribute on World TB Day?

The collective efforts taken by each citizen will prevent this disease forever. Some of the ways to become a part of World TB day are:

  • Become a Partner in TB eradication campaigns
  • Search for services provided for TB in your area
  • Know more about the disease and continue your efforts
  • Educate the local communities in eliminating TB

Measures to Prevent TB

Local health centers and hospitals can initiate the educational and awareness activities related to World TB Day. Involving yourself in these activities will boost the public awareness. Some of the preventive measures on this World TB Day are:

  • Keep hands clean. Wash them often with an antibacterial soap to kill germs
  • Encourage people to wear a mask when suffering from prolonged cough
  • Have a skin test for TB or an x – ray of the chest for detecting TB every year
  • Do not stand near to those people who are coughing continuously
  • Breathe pure and fresh air and have a nutritious diet containing vitamins, minerals etc to stay healthy
  • Do not spit in public places and educate people about the health hazards involved in doing the same

World TB Day – March 24th | Move Against Tuberculosis

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