World Water Day

World Day for Water – March 22nd

World Day for Water is celebrated annually on March 22nd as an occasion to focus on the importance of saving fresh water and fresh water resources. It pays attention on the sustainable management of the pure natural water resources. It advocates the need of water conservation to the world population. The idea of celebrating World Water Day was recommended by the United Nations (UN) conference on Environment and Development. The UN general assembly designated March 22nd 1993, as the first World Day for Water.

Every year World Day for Water comes with a theme or highlight. It insists on the need to preserve the scarce fresh water for the future generations. On World Water Day 2011, the Theme was – water for cities. The main components of this theme were:

Urban Water Conflicts: This includes the quality and extension of drinking water services and their continuity, urban hydrology problems, quality and extension of waste-water collection and treatment etc.

Cities Vs Agriculture: Agriculture consumes bulk water. Water productivity or efficiency in non-agricultural sectors is far higher than in agriculture. Increased urban supply of water is often realized through transfers of water away from agriculture or from ecological reserves. Tapping of any new water resources is almost non-sustainable or costly affair.

Peri-urban water conflicts: This shows the dialogues and negotiations happening in many peri-urban cities to address conflicts over water. It portrays how people and communities without good access to water and sanitation services depend upon alternatives to conventional service delivery from utilities.

Urban catastrophes: It denotes the future of water and sanitation stress in urban slums and how such stress is likely to aggravate other humanitarian crises over time. It is intended to explore the inter-connections between variable from a futures perspective.

The Main Objectives of the 2014 World Water Day were:

  • To Raise awareness of the water and energy inter-linkages.
  • Contribute to Policy Dialogue, which focuses on the broad range of issues related to the nexus of water and energy.
  • Identify policy formulation & capacity development issues
  • Identify key stakeholders in the water-energy nexus and actively engaging them in further developing the water-energy linkages
  • Demonstrate integrated approaches and solutions to water-energy issues that can achieve greater economic and social impacts

World Day for Water and Importance of Water Conservation

Every drop of water is precious. Certain initiatives and measures to conserve water for a better tomorrow, on the World Day for Water are:

  • The underground water levels are falling; it is important to stop the wastage and leakage of water.
  • Use sprinkling method for irrigation of crops and organic gardens; this will ensure the sufficiency of water by not wasting a single droplet.
  • Conserve water to save money as drinking water needs are going to be an issue in the future.
  • Spread awareness about water conservation and educate every child, about the priceless resource called water on this World Day for Water.

So Preserve Water & Save Earth!


World Water Day – Save Water

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